How to import .CSV as external contacts in Exchange?

2015-06-22 05:00:59 -0400 - wiseindy

What you need:

Step 1:

Create a .CSV file with this format:

Save it as contacts.csv. For the purpose of this guide, I have saved it to D:\contacts.csv

Also, make sure you have the Organizational Units (OUs) created in your Active Directory before proceeding. If not, you will get an error in Step 3.

Step 2:

Launch Exchange Management Shell.

Step 3:

Once it launches, type the following code: Import-Csv D:\contacts.csv | ForEach-Object { New-MailContact -Name $_."Name" -ExternalEmailAddress $_."Email" -FirstNa me $_."FirstName" -OrganizationalUnit $_."Oupath" -Alias $_."Alias" }

Hit Enter and you are done!

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